Larry Gazdig had taught skating to these successful hockey players of the NHL; Nazem Kadri, Darryl Sittler, Keith & Brent Gretzky, Eric Lindros, Joe Thornton, Brad Marsh, and Brian Smith and many OHL, AHL, Euro players. Also successful, Trevor Allman (Harvard University Captain) and Matt Weir – London Knights (assistant coach of the Strathroy Stars Junior B team). The speed skating gold medalist Chrisine Nesbitt was also a graduate of the Larry’s Power Plus Skating School.

Brad Marsh Eric Lindros Joe Thornton Darryl Sittler Nazem Kadri Christine Nesbitt


Skating is a sport, and like all sports it is intended to provide fun and enjoyment. In order to enjoy skating the basic skills must be learned and they can learn best by taking instruction from a qualified instructor. Once the basic skills have been achieved, students then have gained the confidence needed to either skate professionally or to simply skate for their own enjoyment. To understand the importance of learning the basics one only needs to look at the over-zealous parents yelling at their children to realize the problems that can occur when children are rushed.
Children should be able to:

  • Pay attention
  • Follow instruction
  • Be disciplined
  • Have the desire to succeed

Each child develops at his or her own pace, while some children may be able to execute the skills with confidence, others may feel frustrated because they have not developed the discipline needed to master the maneuvers. If this is the case perhaps the child is not physically or mentally old enough to participate in this type of program at this time.

Our goal is to encourage all individuals to challenge themselves to excel to their highest potential, to learn what their strengths are and then use these acquired talents as a stepping stone to reach their goals in life with confidence and self-esteem. The choice is yours. Enjoy the journey.

At this skating school, we believe that children should be able to skate before playing hockey. Why? The reason is that there are so many different skills that a child must learn to play the game of hockey. If a child has not learned how to skate and is playing hockey, this child will form bad habits such as leaning on the stick, hockey stops only one way, turns from forward to backward only one way, etc. These bad habits prevent the child from becoming a better hockey player.

Larry Gazdig created a program that works, from a philosophy that he realized while he himself played hockey. As a self taught skater, he saw the need for proper instruction to be a better hockey player. Unfortunately, shortly before he was to sign with the Chicago Blackhawks farm team, he shattered his wrist in an accident at a free skate and was not allowed to sign, bringing his NHL career to an end. Larry went on to teach children the proper method to learn all the skills needed to be successful hockey players, through trial and error of his own skating school.

Odds of making it into the NHL:

  • 380,000 minor hockey registrations in Canada
  • 0.7% drafted into Major Junior
  • 0.2% drafted into the NHL
  • 0.025% of players that played minor hockey make a career in the NHL
  • Average NHL career is 5.5 years
  • 713 active players in the NHL

Our focus is to give each individual the tools they need to be the best they can and use that foundation to reach their highest potential as well as enjoy the game.


Gazdig Power Plus Skating
Get the Winning Edge
Learning from the Creator of Power Skating since 1963

We are saddened to announce that after 55 years of teaching Larry Gazdig has passed away. We all know that Larry was one of a kind and that his presence can never be fully replaced, but we are pleased to announce that we are not intending to even try. Taking over is Nina Gazdig, the daughter of Larry, who has been skating with her father all her life, and has been an instructor with the program for over 25 years. She has been the on ice Head Instructor for 8 years. Over the same period, she has been running The Gazdig Skating Advantage which specializes in team, Association and private lessons.

Gazdig Power Plus Skating is a correction based technical school that teaches students to do all drills equally on both sides. It is a demanding, fast paced program; the instructors are clear in their expectations and deal with large groups in a large area so it can get very loud. In order to enter the introductory level of the Power Plus Skating program, the skater must be able to move freely on the ice without assistance, so as to have a starting point to build their skills upon.

Every person is unique; we all learn at different rates and must go at our own pace to reach our goals.
Remember that not receiving a badge at the end of a session IS NOT A FAIL.

The evaluations are meant to assess where someone is in their development of their skills. Each level requires different amounts of skill, strength, agility and fluidity in the drills to achieve the necessary components/requirements on which to build upon into the following level. As one moves up in the levels, the focus on developing the proper technique increases. Students will develop a longer, more powerful stride, use less energy and be able to skate faster. Drills are monitored by instructors to oversee areas that need to be developed, this takes time and precise movement, speed is not everything, if you are doing a move wrong, it is still wrong if you do it fast. Technique is first and foremost, once the drill is mastered than speed is slowly increased. Levels are based on skills, not on age. We will move students at any time, to the level that is the best fit for them to ensure that they are getting the full benefits of the program. Our goal is to ensure that our students are able to work comfortably within their level. We want to ensure growth in skills and development, but we cannot change how fast muscles develop in each individual.

There will be some administrative changes; however the Program will not change. Some of the exciting updates that will be implemented will be an updated website, where you can pay for registration online, with credit card or e-transfer. Also a more understandable grading system, you get the badge once you have achieved the skills for that level. To correct the past misunderstandings of the previous evaluation system, we will be holding a more in-depth evaluation at the end of the 2018 fall season.
We thank everyone who has been with us over the years and we welcome all those who are newly joining us. Please feel free to talk to any of the instructors if you have questions, or you can call or email the program.

Many thanks
Gazdig Power Plus Skating & Hockey School