Larry Gazdig has passed away peacefully. Everyone is welcome to the service. Details are at this link;


Larry Gazdig has taught skating to these successful hockey players of the NHL. Darryl Sittler, Keith & Brent Gretzky, Eric Lindros, Joe Thornton, Brad Marsh, and Brian Smith. As well as these former NHL hopefuls, Trevor Allman (former Harvard University Captain) and Matt Weir (assistant coach of the Strathroy Stars Junior B team). The speed skating gold medalist Chrisine Nesbitt was also a graduate of the Larry’s Power Plus Skating School.

Brad Marsh Eric Lindros Joe Thornton Darryl Sittler Nazem Kadri Christine Nesbitt


Skating is a sport, and like all sports it is intended to provide fun and enjoyment. In order to enjoy skating the basic skills must be learned and they can learn best by taking instruction from a qualified instructor. Once the basic skills have been achieved, students then have gained the confidence needed to either skate professionally or to simply skate for their own enjoyment. To understand the importance of learning the basics one only needs to look at the over-zealous parents yelling at their children to realize the problems that can occur when children are rushed.
Children should be able to:

  • Pay attention
  • Follow instruction
  • Be disciplined
  • Have the desire to succeed

Each child develops at his or her own pace, while some children may be able to execute the skills with confidence, others may feel frustrated because they have not developed the discipline needed to master the maneuvers. If this is the case perhaps the child is not physically or mentally old enough to participate in this type of program at this time.

Our goal is to encourage all individuals to challenge themselves to excel to their highest potential, to learn what their strengths are and then use these acquired talents as a stepping stone to reach their goals in life with confidence and self-esteem. The choice is yours. Enjoy the journey.

At this skating school, we believe that children should be able to skate before playing hockey. Why? The reason is that there are so many different skills that a child must learn to play the game of hockey. If a child has not learned how to skate and is playing hockey, this child will form bad habits such as leaning on the stick, hockey stops only one way, turns from forward to backward only one way, etc. These bad habits prevent the child from becoming a better hockey player.

Larry Gazdig created a program that works, from a philosophy that he realized while he himself played hockey. As a self taught skater, he saw the need for proper instruction to be a better hockey player. Unfortunately, shortly before he was to sign with the Chicago Blackhawks farm team, he shattered his wrist in an accident at a free skate and was not allowed to sign, bringing his NHL career to an end. Larry went on to teach children the proper method to learn all the skills needed to be successful hockey players, through trial and error of his own skating school.

Children not properly instructed will never make the NHL. The secret to success is this:

1. A child should only start skating at 6 years old, NO YOUNGER
2. ONLY after mastering all the skills of a ‘Level 4’, the child is now ready to play hockey
3. Hockey Development must be taught until the child has mastered proper hand position, stick handling and puck control
4. The child will now have all the skills and confidence to play at a high level of hockey as well as looking to play in the NHL!
A child who plays hockey at 5, 6, or 7 years old before learning to skate properly, is cute yes, but it does not help the child to learn proper skills. The child is bombarded with too many things to think about at once and struggles just to skate without falling. Parents laugh at their children’s mistakes and the child has fun playing, but no one is truly capable of playing hockey at such a young age. Regardless of whether or not a child wants to be in the NHL or just play hockey for fun, any child can reach their potential if our proper method is used.

At Larry Gazdig’s Power Plus SkatingĀ® School Programs we teach the proper method.