COVID-19 Spectator Form & Rink Rules

Please complete the form each time you wish to enter the rink:


London Arena Rules and COVID-19 Protocols

  • Access ONLY for on-ice participants. NO PUBLIC ACCESS
  • Entry is permitted 15 minutes before your ice time. All participants are to enter through the designated entrance door. Check in with staff inside the door and proceed directly to your dressing room.
  • Masks must be worn at all times in the facility and dressing room. Prior to going on the ice participants can remove their mask, leave the dressing room maintaining a 2m safe distance and enter the ice surface. Once back in the dressing room the mask must go back on.
  • Dressing Rooms will be available and assigned for each group. Maximum for each room is dependent on the arena and posted outside the dressing room. Additional seating is available outside the dressing room or in the lobby if needed.
  • Users are encouraged to come fully dressed for their ice time

• We are limited to one parent/guardian per participant. This rule will be strictly enforced. We are limited in the numbers that are permitted to be within the arena and therefore cannot allow additional parents, guardians, grandparents or other siblings of the participant to stay in the arena.
• Every parent/guardian that enters the arena is required to complete the attached City of London COVID Health assessment and present it to our staff at the front entrance. This form will be reviewed by our staff prior to allowing you to enter the arena.
• Upon entry use the hand sanitizer at the entrance to the arena
• If you are assisting your child to get ready to go on the ice we ask that you stay in the dressing room with your child until it is their ice time. Once the child goes onto the ice surface you may proceed to the designated viewing area and social distance from the others in that area.
• If you are not assisting your child to get ready we ask that you ONLY enter at the start of their ice time and go directly to the designated viewing area and social distance from the others in that area. Below is the designated spectator area for Nichols Arena.
• At the conclusion of the ice time you are to leave the arena immediately.
• NO outside food or drink is permitted into the arena including coffee, tea, etc….
• Masks are to be worn at all times while in the arena.
• No gathering in the lobby or other common areas.

  • Follow directional signage once inside the facility to maintain flow of traffic and appropriate distancing.
  • All participants must depart the facility within 15 minutes after coming off the ice surface. No lingering in the facility. Follow the directional signage to the appropriate exit.

It is REALLY important to emphasize the need for everyone to follow these rules. The City of London wants to allow the parents to enter to watch but if the rules are not being followed they may feel the need to revisit it.

Thanks for everyone’s help in ensuring we are providing a safe and inviting arena for our children to be active.