Fall Power Plus Skating

Power Plus Skating is a correction based, faced paced fundamentals program, teaching skills such as proper stride, crossovers, transitions, balance, and backward skating, as well as many other hockey/ringette related movements and skating skills. Our tremendous success since 1963 is due to our philosophy; corrected repetition is key! Learn the fundamentals properly first then build on those skills to improve speed and agility. We teach individuals to skate at almost any age for recreation, or to compete at the highest levels of ringette, hockey and speed skating.

Program Requirements:

To enter our program the participant must be striding on their own without use of the boards or any on ice equipment, usually about the age of 6 for most children. To put a participant into any high intensity teaching program prior to this stage of development COULD be detrimental to a skater’s mental and physical well being.

Start Date: October 1, 2, 3 2021

BLACKOUT DATE: October 8, 9, 10 2021 (No Power Skating)
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

End Date: December 17, 18, 19 2020



In this program, children that can glide across the ice with no aids will learn the fundamental skills of proper forward stride, balance, basic backwards and introduction to stopping. Evaluations will be scheduled with the Head Instructors for individuals alone or in small groups after a minimum number of classes have been attended and the skater(s) has demonstrated mastery of the skills required to move up.

If you have not taken any Gazdig Power Skating in the past, please register for ‘New to Gazdig Skating’ 11:30am starting on Saturday October 2, 2021.

New to Gazdig Skating




Saturday Group A
11:30am WAITLIST

8:30am 13 MAX

8:30am 13 MAX

10:30am 13 MAX

Saturday Group B
11:30am WAITLIST

9:30am 13 MAX

9:30am 13 MAX

10:30am 13 MAX

Evaluation skates for Fall Power Skating are now full.


In this program skaters improve on the fundamental skills and learn agility, speed, and technique.











5:30pm – MAX 13

5:30pm – MAX 13

6:30pm – WAITLIST

6:30pm – MAX 13

7:30pm – MAX 13

7:30pm – MAX 13

8:30pm – MAX 13

8:30pm – MAX 13


12:30pm – MAX 13

12:30pm – MAX 13

1:30pm – MAX 13

1:30pm – MAX 13

2:30pm – MAX 13

2:30pm – MAX 13

3:30pm – MAX 13

3:30pm – MAX 13


This program is designed for anyone that can glide across the ice on their own, up to seasoned hockey players to improve and maintain their skating skills.

Adult Basic

Adult Intermediate/Advanced

5:30pm Sunday MAX 24

4:30pm Sunday MAX 24

Nichols Arena, 399 Homeview Rd. London, ON

$285.00 taxes included. For one 50 minute class per week for 10 weeks.

Accepted payment methods: Cash, E-Transfer, Credit Card ($10.00 service fee), or Community Aid Programs such as Jumpstart.

Evaluations: Skill evaluations take place on the 10th week of the Power Skating Session. As our levels are based on skill, the evaluations are to asses what skills each student has learned in the current session. There is no pass or fail, we only observe what skill level the student is at the time of evaluation.

PLEASE NOTE: Gazdig Power Plus Skating reserves the right to move, reassign, adjust or combine students into different levels as necessary at any time.

Hockey skates, hockey helmet with cage & hockey gloves (or wrist guards) are mandatory.  Additionally, elbow and knee pads of any kind are strongly recommended. Full equipment is optional.

Refund Policy: Full refunds may be given up to the first day of the program (October 1, 2021). After that point it will be the fee paid, less $35.00(non-refundable admin fee) & $20.00/week regardless of attendance. No refunds are given after the end of week 3.
No refunds will be given for missed classes.

Class Size:
10 – 11 skaters with 1-2 instructors.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 contact tracing regulations there will be NO CLASS SWAPPING at any time. The class you are registered for is the only class you go to. As stated above there will be no refunds for missed classes.


1. Send in your completed registration form below.
2. You will be contacted within 2-3 days to say if you have been granted a spot or have been placed on the waitlist.
3. We will contact you for payment ONLY if granted a spot.

Please add info@powerplusskating.on.ca to your safe senders list to avoid messages going to the junk/spam folder

As of Wednesday September 22nd per provincial regulations everyone 18 and over is required to provide proof of being fully vaccinated prior to entering any City of London arena including Western Fair. This applies to all participants, coaches, officials and spectators 18 and over. This proof needs to be provided each time they wish to enter the arena.

Everyone can print or download their vaccination receipt which includes all the relevant information they need to prove that they are fully vaccinated. The receipts can be printed or downloaded from the Provincial government website. Those who need support obtaining a copy of their vaccination receipt, including those who do not have access to a computer, internet or printer, can call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900 for support.

Those wishing to enter the arena will need their current vaccination receipt alongside a valid piece of identification such as a drivers license.

Participants under the age of 18 who are participating in an organized sport, including, training, practices, games and competitions are not required to show proof of vaccination. Anyone over the age of 12 is required to provide proof if they are entering to spectate and not participate.

Patrons who provide a written document completed and supplied by a physician or registered nurse stating that they are exempt for a medical reason from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are permitted to enter.

All Middlesex-London Health Unit guidelines and Provincial regulations, including mask requirements, adhering to capacity limits, physical distancing and completing a health assessment prior to entering all remain in place.

In addition to our registration form, please read our Covid-19 Info page for all rink protocols.

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