Winter Power Plus Skating

January 2021 – Assessment dates below in November

Power Plus Skating is a correction based, faced paced fundamentals program, teaching skills such as power stride, crossovers, transitions, balance, and backward skating, as well as many other hockey/ringette related movements and skating skills. Our tremendous success since 1963 is due to our philosophy; a child must crawl before he or she walks, and must walk before he or she runs! We teach individuals to skate at almost any age for fun, ringette, hockey and speed skating.


To enter our program the participant must be striding on their own without use of the boards or any on ice equipment, usually about the age of 6 for most children. To put a participant into any demanding teaching program prior to this stage of development COULD be detrimental to a participant’s mental and physical well being.
Any new students to our program MUST contact us to book an assessment time to be placed in the appropriate skill level.

PLEASE NOTE: Gazdig Power Plus Skating reserves the right to move, reassign, adjust or combine students into different levels as necessary.

Call or email to book your Gazdig Level Assessment Now!
FULL Assessment 1: Wednesday November 18, 2020 6:15pm Nichols Arena ($25 fee for the ice time)
FULL Assessment 2: Wednesday November 25, 2020 6:15pm Nichols Arena ($25 fee for the ice time)

Dates for 2021:

Start: January 8, 9, 10 2021

End: March 12, 13, 14 2021

Evaluations: Skill evaluations take place on the 10th week of the Power Skating Session. As our levels are based on skill, the evaluations are to asses what skills each student has learned in the current session. We only observe what skill level the student is at the time of evaluation.


Hockey skates, hockey helmet with full face mask & hockey gloves (or mitts and wrist guards) are mandatory.  Elbow and knee pads of any kind are strongly recommended.


Earl Nichols Arena, 799 Homeview Rd.

Session Time Choices:

Program LevelFriday Saturday Sunday
Level 15:30pm8:30am12:30pm
Level 26:30pm9:30am1:30pm
Level 36:30pm9:30am1:30pm
Level 47:30pm10:30am2:30pm
Level 57:30pm10:30am2:30pm
Level 68:30pm 11:30am3:30pm
Level 78:30pm11:30am3:30pm
Level 88:30pm11:30am3:30pm
Adult Intermediate/Advanced4:30pm
Adult Beginner5:30pm


$250 + $35 admin fee CDN, HST included, Admin fee is non refundable, for ten 50 minute sessions including a skill evaluation.
Students who have received the Gazdig Power Plus Skating badge 8, may register for $190 + $35 admin fee (hst included).

Refund Policy: Fee paid less $35.00(non-refundable admin fee) & $20.00/week regardless of attendance. No refunds are given after the end of week 3.
You may request to forward your registration to the next available program and pay $20 for each session to the current date, regardless of attendance in the current session.
Registration cancellation will be a full refund prior the program start date.
No refunds will be given for missed classes.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 contact tracing regulations there will be NO CLASS SWAPPING at any time. The class you are registered for is the only class you go to. As stated above there will be no refunds for missed classes.

Payment Options:

CASH / E-Transfer / CREDIT CARD (additional $10 service fee) / Jumpstart

NOTE: Both payment and a properly filled out registration form must be received to be registered. CONFIRMATIONS and/or QUESTIONS are sent by EMAIL please check your spam filter and add to your safe senders list.

Registration Procedure:

  1. Send in your completed registration form below.
  2. You will be contacted by email within 48hrs to say if you have been granted a spot or have been placed on a waitlist.
  3. We will contact you with payment instructions if granted a spot.
  4. Download and read all COVID-19 forms and protocols.
  5. Arrive to the rink 25 minutes prior to the ice time to hand in all completed forms. If your forms are not completed you will have to fill them out before you enter the rink.
  6. The rink staff will let the whole group in 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ice time ONLY if all students are present for your group. They may make everyone wait outside if there are late participants.
    NOTE: We have no control over when the rink doors are being opened. If you have an issue please contact Nichols Arena staff/screeners.