Pre-Season Hockey Development


We teach the fundamentals of POWER PLUS SKATING® together with individual skill development in proper handling of the hockey stick, puck control, shooting and passing – including forehand, backhand, as well as offensive and defensive manoeuvres.

Our intention is to teach your children the proper skills needed to excel in the game of hockey, using a combination of 20-25 skating drills as well as key stick handling and shooting drills. To become a proficient hockey player one must have mastered all of the basic skating skills such as the ones we teach in our Power Plus Skating Schools in the Fall and Winter.

Our Hockey Development sessions teach the vital skills that are essential for hockey players, yet are often overlooked, or forgotten by other programs:

  • proper length and taping of the stick
  • proper hand position on stick for puck control — thumb on top, lower hand dynamics
  • correct stick-handling — (do not sweep)
  • proper control of stick — one hand, two hand, forehand, and backhand
  • proper and accurate puck passing — forehand and backhand
  • proper and accurate pass receiving — forehand and backhand
  • proper puck control — in traffic, and break-away maneuvers
  • controlled accurate shooting — forehand, backhand, wrist, and snap
  • hockey gloves — pros, cons, deficiencies, and how to overcome them

Coming in May 2019

Helmets with face mask, hockey gloves and hockey stick are mandatory. Participants are welcome to wear full equipment if desired.

 Session A
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Dates: Coming in May 2019

Our program takes students out of the hockey environment where they can focus on individual skills and gain the knowledge to form good habits. The program is designed for children committed to reaching their highest potential in hockey. This demands the ability to skate forwards and backwards with crossovers and hockey stops both ways.


Coming in May 2019