Q: If my child has a game or other commitment during his/her normal class, can I come on a different day?
A: Yes, you can come at any day for the same badge level. Please refer to the timetable to see what the times are for that badge level.

Q: What happens if we miss a week or two?
A: You can make up the time by coming two times in a weekend at your badge level.

Q: How early should I register?
A: You can register any time from when the flyers hit the arenas and the website has the dates to the first weekend. It is recommended you register at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure a spot. Registering without payment will hold your spot in the session unless you notify us of a change.

Q: Will my child get a badge at the end of the program?
A: In our testing we assess the level at which they are skating. If they have shown the necessary skills to achieve a level they will be awarded a badge indicating their current skating ability. All new children to the program will receive a badge to show them their ability level.

Q: Do you offer pre-testing for skaters new to your program in order to slot them at the appropriate level for the Summer Program?
A: During our winter sessions you may attend a week for level testing. Make sure to show Larry your child before he or she gets
on the ice.

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