This testing schedule is a good, clear checklist for parents to judge their child’s skating ability. If a child has thoroughly mastered these skills in sequence down through Level 8 then the student can be considered a strong proficient skater. If there are any weaknesses in any level, the student must master them before moving on to the next level.

This system can also be used as a self-check for the more advanced skaters.

Since there are only 17 basic skating moves you will find that many of these skills are repeated in the levels. Therefore it is imperative that the quality of the moves are taken into consideration, such as smoothness, steadiness, strength and speed.

Testing is performed on the last week of the Fall and Winter sessions. In our testing system once a level is awarded that is the level they are skating at. For example, if a student has been given a badge 3 at the end of the program he/she will register in badge 3 next session and in level 3 will work on the skills needed for a badge 4.

This is the testing guideline currently used by the instructors:

Level 1 (Badge 0, 1)
-Forward Skating – reasonably done
-Backward Skating – any manner
-Stopping – one way, reasonably done

Level 2 (Badge 2)
-Forward Skating – must be able to step in front of the other skate during turns
-Backward Skating – must be reasonably done.
-Stopping – must be able to do a hockey stop

Level 3 (Badge 3)
-Forward Crossovers – in both directions
-Hockey Stop – in both directions
-Backwards Skating – must be good
-Backwards Stopping – reverse snowplow

Level 4 (Badge 4)
-Forward Crossovers – good in both directions
-Hockey Stops – good on both sides (using both feet to stop)
-Backwards Stopping – reverse snowplow
-Turns – from forward to backward to forward, pivoting both directions
-Backward Crossovers – crossing all the way over and putting weight on outside edges

Level 5 (Badge 5)
-Backward Crossovers – both directions – good
-Backward Skating – glide on one foot than another
-Heel Turns – in both directions around markers
-High Speed Turns – from forwards to backwards and forward smoothly

Level 6 (Badge 6)
-Backward Crossovers – in both directions – Very Good
-Forward Crossovers to Backward Crossovers to Forward Crossovers at high speed
-Forward Stroking – two strokes across rink, gliding on one foot
-Backward Stroking – maximum of four strokes across the rink

Level 7 (Badge 7)
-Backward Stroking – maximum of four strokes across rink
-Turning from Forward to Backward and coming out Forward – must be smooth
-High Speed Stops and Starts – always facing the same direction

Level 8 (Badge 8)
-Forward Stroking – One stroke across the width of the rink both ways
-Backward Stroking – Two strokes across the width of the rink both ways
-Fast Skating – in a circle; on the whistle a Hockey Stop facing to the center. Without any hesitation skate the other way around circle until next whistle. Hockey Stop.again and back skating the other way around circle
-High Speed Turns from Forward to Backward – in circle, must be smooth
-Crossovers – forward and backward must be smooth, with no limp